Apacheta collection

Guide Apacheta is a French and independent collection of e-guides, trekking guidebooks available for download. You will find in these guidebooks, all the necessary information to organize your trekking, a complete description of the routes, as well as a GPS track. They will help you to prepare your trek and will accompany you all along the way.

Guide Apacheta = 1 guidebook + 1 GPS track



The story of little stones

An « apacheta » refers to a cairn in Quechua, the language of the Incas still spoken by just over 10 million people in the Andes. These small mounds were offerings to the Pachamama, Mother Earth, and to the Apus, the mountain spirits. In gratitude for letting them pass, at the crossing of a pass for example, travellers would place a stone.

Cairns, present all over the planet, were born during the Neolithic period and had different meanings. Today, they help hikers to find their paths and in the same way, the Apacheta Guide’s topos will show you the way to follow during your next trekking.

Guide Apacheta