Virtual tour of Argentina’s national parks

Argentinian National Parks on Google Street Viewince May 2016, Google Street View and the Administración de Parques Nacionales Argentina have been putting Argentina’s natural heritage online. All of the country’s national parks are within easy reach of the world. Just a few clicks are enough to (re)discover these natural wonders, 360° virtual tours. The animations have been created with Google’s trekker tool, an 18 kg backpack with 15 cameras to photograph the landscape from all angles.

Currently, 13 national parks are available. The missing parks will be put online soon. See the national parks in Google Street View.

  • Iguazú National Park
  • Los Glaciares National Park
  • Los Alerces National Park
  • Nahuel Huapi National Park
  • Palmar National Park
  • Lanín National Park
  • Bosques Petrificados de Jaramillo National Park
  • Lago Puelo National Park
  • Mburucuyá National Park
  • Francisco Perito Moreno National Park
  • Patagonia National Park
  • Los Arrayanes National Park
  • Pre-Delta National Park

Tour to Nahuel Huapi National Park

Stroll below through the Nahuel Huapi National Park located in Northern Patagonia, starting from the Emilio Frey refuge at the foot of the famous Cerro Catedral. Find the guidebook Nahuel Huapi National Park.

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