Chocolate factories of San Carlos de Bariloche

Chocolate factories of San Carlos de BarilocheSan Carlos de Bariloche, located on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi in Patagonia, is known as the capital of Argentine chocolate. The city has almost fifteen chocolate factories, to the delight of holidaymakers and tourists. What could be better than a good hot chocolate after a hike (discover this park with the guidebook Nahuel Huapi National Park) in the park? Chocolate was imported by immigrants from Europe from 1947 onwards. The Chocolate Museum tells the story of an Italian master chocolate maker who arrived in Argentina with his copper utensils and recipes. You can also discover the origin of cocoa and its evolution through time and continents. And of course, a tasting is planned before the outing.

If you visit San Carlos de Bariloche during Holy Week (Easter), expect to have a chocolate orgy! During this chocolate festival, contests are organised between chocolate makers and in 2015 a 9 metre high Easter egg was installed in the Plaza Centro Cívico!

Chocolate factories of San Carlos de Bariloche

The best chocolate factory

Among the many establishments, one of the most famous chocolate shops is the one in Mamuschka. But those of Rapa Nui, Del Turista or Abuela Goye are all equally delicious. When it comes to taste, it is good to compare!  You will therefore have to go round the counters to choose your best San Carlos de Bariloche chocolate..

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