What is a troll?

The Troll

The troll is a creature of nature that is part of Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. It first appeared in Norse literature in the Middle Ages. The troll is big, strong and naive. Often solitary, they live in isolated mountains, in caves or underground. With the Christianisation of Scandinavia, pagan rites were demonised. The troll became a demon, a beast that had to be hunted. An imaginary creature, a character from tales and legends, the concept of the troll differs from region to region and country to country. They can be equated with goblins, elves, underground spirits, witches and all other legendary humanoid creatures.

What is a troll?
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The Jotun

In Norwegian tradition, he is a solitary being, tall and ugly. His description mainly corresponds to Jotun, an evil giant with exceptional strength. According to widespread legend, the troll becomes petrified if surprised by the first light of the sun. It is also said that anyone who touches a troll will turn to stone.

What is a troll?
Norwegian troll

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